VendAsta is Born!

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Thursday February 17th was an exciting and rejuvenating day!

[Update: February 17?  Wishful thinking!  As Bonnie points out, it was January 17th;  we still have quite a bit of winter left yet...]

Brendan King

Brendan is resoundingly passionate about all things digital marketing and Vendasta, which is good because he is our CEO.

  • Marc Davison

    Very covert.
    Very black ops
    Very undercover, take over the world vibe.
    And very cool.

    A bit disappointed in the choice of computers though! A firm with your cool should be cranking on iMac’s… aye? Even CTU uses them.

    Looking forward to more from you boys.
    Great luck!

  • djefftomlin

    Bonnie, wishful thinking is probably the culprit; we’re all more than ready for winter to finish up!

    RB, good to hear from you! It’s a heck of a lot of fun right now. When are you going to come up north for a pint? We miss you!

  • rbaldwin

    A hot promo with a hot song of technological uprising! Great few minutes of footage, gents. Pretty exciting times!

    – ryan.

  • Pretty nice looking digs. At first I thought I’d stumbled on a Dell commercial, but got over it quickly. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to drum up in your new digs. Oh, BTW, since this was posted on January 18, but your text said February 17 was exciting, I’m assuming someone is REALLY looking to the future!

  • futureofrealestate

    I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with – you guys getting another venture off the ground so quickly, or the fact you were wearing t-shirts outside in Saskatoon in January.

  • Ches Hagen

    Very exciting gents! I love the Eye of the Tiger dubbed in on the slideshow; classy like VendAsta