This past weekend we turned over our offices to a bunch of scruffy hippies dedicated to "helping those in need by doing what they love".

"What they love" is designing software, and their specific method of helping those in need is to build iPhone apps, sell them for $1.99 at the App Store, and give the proceeds to local charities.

This whole freaky idea was dreamed up by ex-VendAsta developer Dale Zak, who helped get it off the ground in Halifax last year. At that first iPhone Hackathon 4 Charity, fifteen developers donated their weekends to help create the apps Meet Me Here and Wish You Were Here, with proceeds going to the Halifax charities Feed Nova Scotia and Phoenix Youth Programs.

In the wake of that successful Hackathon, Dale and his Halifax buddies incorporated a company called Apps4Good and set out to spread their idea around the world. Now Dale has expanded the event to a second city, with over fifty developers participating this year in Halifax and Saskatoon. The Saskatoon group, which included Phoenix, Krystian, Jordan, and Allan from VendAsta, divided into three teams to design:

I'm not sure what the "twist" is and I'm excited to find out...but I'll have to wait a few months for the bugs to be ironed out and the apps to be officially released. Hopefully they'll be hits and generate a little revenue for the charities in question. We'll let you know when they're available for purchase.

So good job, Dale and everyone. Some photos below, with more to see at the Apps4Good Facebook page.

Dale, Phoenix, and Jordan in the blounge.

Dale and team in the VendAsta blounge, with Halifax on the projector screen.

Krystian Olszanski

Krystian slouches for charity.