The immortal trophy of the VendAsta Challenge.

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The rule of the VendAsta Challenge is that any VendAsta employee may challenge any other to any trial of skill at any time for any reason.

The VendAsta Challenge has been going on for several years, but only recently did we get around to honouring its victors by engraving their names on this trophy, made from a vintage 14-inch hard disk platter.

Past victors include:

  • Jason, 2008 swimming race
  • Ches, 2009 and 2010 swimming races
  • Mariatta, 2009 chili cook-off
  • Tavis, 2010 ¬†beer-tasting competition
  • Guy, 2010 stew cook-off
  • Jeremy, 2010 one-on-one soup cook-off (against Guy)

The dedication on the plaque is from Pindar’s 8th Olympic Ode. It reads,

Great is their fame forever whom your bright victory befalls *

The Ode was composed for Alcimedon, an Aeginetan wrestler at the Olympic Games in 460 BC, who would surely be forgotten if Pindar hadn’t immortalized him in verse. We expect that 2500 years from now the names of the winners of the VendAsta Challenge will be murmured with similar reverence.

* Translation from the ancient Greek is remarkably elastic. We also considered:

Great renown ever belongs to whom thy bright guerdon falls

But “guerdon” is a little too fancy. Alternatively, there’s:

Eternal fame and endless honours shine / On him whose brows thy sacred leaves entwine

But the 14-inch hard disk platter is unlikely to ever entwine anyone’s brow, so that wouldn’t make much sense, would it?