VendAsta 2014 Data Reveals Insights for Local Business Listings Across 100,000 Businesses

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In several weeks, VendAsta will be revealing its 2014 SMB Digital Marketing Benchmarks that analyzes data from over 100,000 North American local businesses.

This comprehensive report will cover online local listings, online reviews, social media marketing and website marketing trends, and will compare SMBs across different industry verticals.

Some of the most surprising findings come from the analysis of online local listings. Across 100,000 businesses, the average business had over 68 different listings online. This includes listings on major search sites, industry-specific sites and hyper-local sites.

The number of inaccuracies across these listings will surprise some. The average business has over 27 duplicate listings across all sites they are listed on. Perhaps the most important piece of contact information, the phone number, is especially problematic. Phone numbers were found to be accurate on only 76% of the listings. The chart below shows the average number of phone numbers found for one business across all of their listings:

Average number of phone numbers found for one business across all of their listings

While financial services and retail operations were the most accurate (and they still averaged nearly two phone numbers per business), the average auto dealer had almost four different main phone numbers across their listings. Real estate topped the charts with an average of 4.3 phone numbers found across their listings.

Managing your online listings is hard, so it’s no wonder that there’s a big discrepancy between what businesses want users to see and what is actually out there. While the data can seem daunting, it also highlights the huge opportunity that exists for digital agencies to offer listings management solutions to local businesses.

The Digital Marketing Benchmarks report will dive deeper into listing accuracy and average SMB performance in local listings and local search marketing. Be sure to watch for our next installment featuring online reviews next week.

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