2013 was an exciting year for VendAsta. From launching new products to increasing our team size, we saw a lot of changes and raced past many milestones. Here are some of the highlights:

March 2013: $8.25 million in funding

To further accelerate our growth and product development, we raised $8.25 million in venture capital funding from Vanedge Capital and BDC Venture Capital.

Since then, we’ve launched two new products and increased our team size from 40 to 75 people.

April 2013: The launch of Social Marketing

Internet marketing is completely different for local businesses than for large online brands. We realized what local businesses want from social is simple: engagement with their local communities and more customers at their front door. They also don’t have time to find interesting content or manage multiple profiles all day.

April 2013: Ideas on Tap

We’re all about helping small businesses become good internet and mobile citizens. When it comes to our own local community here in Saskatoon, we abide by the same principle and strive to be good citizens. This led to Ideas on Tap: a monthly event where we invite all the business and tech minds in Saskatoon to our office for a memorable afternoon of demos, networking, and foosball madness.

November 2013: Snapshot, a Powerful Sales Tool Set to Stun

Being a white-label provider, we want our platform to be both user-friendly and easy to sell. That’s where Snapshot comes in. It is an enhanced report that digs into our database of 100,000 SMBs and anonymously compares your prospect’s online reputation, presence, and social media progress against other businesses in its industry.

This report reveals all the areas for improvement of an SMB’s online reputation, allowing you to create powerful demos with custom data for each prospect.

Looking forward to 2014

We look forward to bringing more innovation, better products and more effective sales solutions for our partners. A huge thanks to everyone who has been with us this far — things are only going to get more awesome!

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