Twitter Turns 8 — See First Tweets, Interesting Facts and a bit of History

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“Twitter provides us with a wonderful platform to discuss/confront societal problems. We trend Justin Bieber instead.” ― Lauren Leto

There was a time when speaking to an online audience in more than 140 characters was possible, even common. That time was eight years ago — March 20 was Twitter’s eighth birthday. Luckily for the founders, the thought of someone following you in the digital world is much more appealing than in the physical world.

Though it’s not the only medium to do so, Twitter has changed the way we absorb information. While you can use it to see what your friends or favourite brands are up to, news, politics and business are perhaps some of the biggest game changers. We used to have to wait until large media outlets broke stories, now, information can come to us from anywhere, at any time. Media and cameras aren’t always allowed in political meetings, but smartphones are  — we’re often abreast of bumps and milestones before reporters can get a press release to the masses. As for business, brands and celebrities have a real-time way to communicate with users and fans. Conversely, people can express their dissatisfaction with a business very quickly and to a larger audience.

Love at First Tweet

We looked back to when our company was barely a year old and found our first tweet:

First tweet

In less than a decade, Twitter has changed immensely. The words we use  to refer to Twitter users, tweets and the content that can be included have all morphed. Originally, you couldn't retweet, reply, hashtag and there was no mobile version. All these features were created by users and later supported by Twitter. Now you can even attach pictures and videos.

Here are some other memorable first tweets:

Classic. CNN adapted the medium early, but, obviously, they were not quite sure what the response would be. Also, it was clearly easier to be retweeted and favorited in the early stage... You can search your first tweet, or anyone’s, here.

The History

The four founders — Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass and Biz Stone — all have their first name (or shorter, i.e. @ev) as their handles. All of them have the same first tweet as well, which was the default first tweet.


8 Things you Didn't Know About Twitter

1. Twitter’s original homepage looked like this, which just doesn't have the same appeal.

Twttr2. The most followed brand on Twitter is YouTube.

3.  The official name of the Twitter bird is Larry, named after Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird.

4. 32 per cent of all Internet users are on Twitter.

5. Twitter bought Vine for $30 million in 2012.

6. Ellen’s Oscar selfie is the most retweeted tweet ever.

Ellen selfie


7. It took three years, two months and one day to get to the billionth tweet. Today, users send a billion tweets in only one day.

8. One of the founders, Noah Glass, was kicked out of the company. His bio:




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