Traditional Dollars for Digital Dimes? It Doesn’t Have to be This Way

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Remember the good old marketing days, the Don Draper days, where copy and creative were your cheapest and yet greatest resource? When all ya had to do was lock them in a room for a day, let ‘em bake, and when you opened the door, out popped an ad that always read Easy Fulfilment and Juicy Margins. Ah, the good old days.
As awesome as it is to reminisce about an easier time, Don Draper and his glorious ways are gone. Sadly, today in the digital world, it’s the other way around. It’s high-priced ads for negligible returns. Digital dimes ain’t got nothin’ on traditional dollars.

Digital products rarely possess the type of effortless return that traditional ones do. Not only are you spending on the same copy and creative resources (and not to mention a host of other positions), you’re shelling out for expensive online tools that come with built-in implementation, client onboarding, training and support, and ongoing IT costs—all of which eat into margins.

And although local businesses are beginning to increase their digital ad spend to accommodate more online activity, expensive SEM and SEO tools are still hard to justify, especially when the average local business spends less than $200/month on digital solutions (Search Engine Land).

It’s not all doom and gloom though—while fat traditional margins are a thing of the past, there are ways to make gains in the digital game. Tons of agencies and media companies are doing it, and yours can too.

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Jamie Taylor

Jamie is a Paid Media Strategist, specializing in ad development and lead generation communications