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With more than 50 billion images shared online and close to 500 million active users, Instagram is one of the most incredible online tools for your business. This mobile-based video and photo sharing platform helps in sharing images and creating communities among online users all around the world.

Being six years old, this platform has shown immense growth in its user base and every demographic group. To be successful on Instagram, you must have a strong brand as well as an efficient strategy to display the visual content that is expected by your customer. Of course, you might need to use various tools and strategies to gain success; still, there is no harm in buying Instagram likes from online vendors. But you can try certain strategies by yourself.

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So, how can you use Instagram effectively?

Well, it is easy, and the below steps show how you can set up your Instagram account to get tons of traffic from your online profile.

  • Creating An Effective Instagram Plan

If you think that it is best to create an Instagram account and actively post content, then you are wrong. The progress you make by taking this approach will be tough to keep track of. Also, it is quite haphazard. For getting the required Instagram growth, you must have a good marketing plan.

Keep in mind certain guidelines for your plan and make sure that it must be based on what you are planning to achieve. The most important factor is the time frame. If you keep it past 90 days, then it will be pointless to conceive. Another aspect you have to bear in mind is tracking. It is better if you track progress each week.

Of course, you are not going to engage in activities that bring traffic every day. However, tracking the progress each week will give a reliable data. Also keep in mind the growth rate. Your Instagram traffic is not going to double in a week. Frankly, it is unrealistic. However, you can get an expected and healthy growth rate.

  • Developing Content Strategy

Do you know what the major foundation of your Instagram presence is? It is content. Various B2C firms and brands are utilizing Instagram for making their products the star of the show. Whereas the B2B firms are deeply focused on team recruitment and company culture. Here, the correct approach is one which can display your brand.

Based on the objectives and target audience, you need to create a plan to provide attractive content for your community and that too on consistent basis.


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  • Avoid Posting Low-Quality Pictures

While taking snaps to post on Instagram, you must keep in mind that it needs to have a proper light exposure. If you feel that it is not perfect, then don’t post it and try for another shot. When you are taking the photo, try to be still. Misplaced or blurry snaps will not bring the required excitement to your followers. If taking your own high quality photos is not an option, source good stock photos (lots of them are free, too!).

  • Set Proper Guidelines For Your Team

One of the major keys to creating and developing your brand is having a consistent voice on social media. Plus you need to have clearly defined aesthetics, which add an additional layer for consideration.

Even if a single person is responsible for taking care of the Instagram account of the brand, creating guidelines for the video and photo composition is necessary. This will make sure that the Instagram content is one of the major aspects of your brand and gives the required experience to your followers.

  • Avoid Filters

While using Instagram in the early stages, we enjoy using filters. Frankly, it is nice to change the atmosphere of the given photo. However, you suddenly realize that filters can give your images an artificial look. Depending on the look and feel of your brand, it can be better to avoid filters altogether. Instead, go into the edit section of Instagram and do some post work on the photo.

(Using Filters)
  • Making Photo Montages

Texts associated with images are one of the powerful communication tools. Just by registering the core message of the picture, you can increase the attractiveness of the visual. By sharing a promotion or single image, it will help in making sure that the message is not ignored.

You can create a professional look for the photo montages and provide a convincing message using tools like Photoshop. Also, you can try online tools like PicMonkey and Canva.

  • Posting At The Right Time

You clicked a photo and want to share it with your followers. That’s great, but you need to know the time when most of your followers will be online so that they can view your photos. You don’t want your snaps to be buried under the thousands of online pictures that appear in your followers’ feed. Keep in mind that pictures have a high impact if they get published at the right time. Determine the best time to post on social media for highest impact among your followers. 

Winding Up

A perfect online strategy will assist you in enjoying the social media network, Instagram. No doubt, it is one of the most powerful tools to bring traffic to your site and even increase sales. Now the question is how you can use the Instagram as a part of your marketing strategy in 2016. The tips mentioned above can help you in making your images creative and bring a brand awareness for your products and services.

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