Thanou’s Agile adventure.

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Thanou Thirakul is a senior developer at Intelliware and a co-founder of the Toronto Agile Community. He’s currently on a one-year sabbatical, during which he’ll be travelling across North America and eventually the world, “to meet and talk to folks practicing Agile“.

He adhered to the Agile ideal of “Responding to change over following a plan” by turning up in Saskatoon on Friday. Originally Thanou’s intention had been to drive from Winnipeg (where he met with folks from the Winnipeg Agile User Group) to Regina, but on finding no-one in Regina to meet with, he instead headed up Highway 11 and, at Allan’s invitation, sat in on our weekly demos.

There he witnessed:

  • A preview by Nathan R. of our redesigned, more flexible Daily Deal partner websites, which will be rolling out soon.
  • An overview by Andreas of the status of our newest product. I can’t say too much since we haven’t officially announced it yet, but I’ll leave you with one tantalizing clue: micro.
  • A discussion by Brendan of an offshoot of our Reputation Management platform which (again, I can’t say too much) could soon evolve into its own product.

After Saskatoon, Thanou’s road trip will be taking him to Dawson City in the Yukon, where he intends to literally plant the Agile flag to commemorate how the movement has conquered new frontiers in the 10 years since the drafting of the Agile Manifesto. After that he’ll be visiting California, Southeast Asia, and Finland, among other destinations.

Here’s Thanou pointing out his route to the Klondike. He must be well on his way up the Alaska Highway by now. We wish him luck on his journey.

Thanou and the VendAsta map of the world.
  • Thank you for having me there. I had a blast talking to Allan about Agile and attending the demos. You guys definitely have a fun (skateboarding in the hallway) and creative work environment.

    The group buy and the social media reputation management applications are amazing. They speak volume to the effectiveness of an open and collaborative environment.