You can teach businesses how to respond to a bad review, but what about a good one? Many of the principles remain the same when responding to all kinds of reviews—be courteous, thank the reviewer and take some time to develop a thoughtful response. But, there are some key differences. Here are a few things you should make sure your business clients know about responding to positive reviews.

4 Things for Businesses to Consider When Responding to Positive Reviews

  1. Share the review on the business’ social media pages; these are testimonials for the digital age. Because 73% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a business more, and that number has gone up from 58% in 2012 (Search Engine Land, 2013), it only makes sense to use good reviews for your own marketing material.
  2. Get personal. Did the reviewer mention something specific to about the business? Without letting the comment get too long, share a personal anecdote or offer a shared opinion. If the reviewer loves the decor in your office, thank them and tell them where the inspiration comes from. Acknowledging particular points from the review ensures the author that you read, understood and internalized their feedback.
  3. Commend staff if they are mentioned explicitly. We’re always being told how important customer service is, and our data reinforces that notion. In our database of over 1.6 million online reviews, the words service, friendly and rude appear in 40% of reviews. It’s clear that customer service is essential in setting your business apart, so reward staff who go the extra mile to make. This is good for morale and will help perpetuate the good service.
  4. Ask for reviews. Our data indicates that the average number of reviews written about the typical business has increased 81% from 2011 to 2013. While that is good news for companies promoting themselves through reviews and review sites, the average business still doesn’t receive many reviews per year. The best way to get more? Ask! This can be done in many different ways, depending on the structure of the business — at the till on the way out, a follow up email or a sticker in the window.

Below is an example of a review respondent who replied thoughtfully to a positive review.

staff review



If your SMB clients apply these basic concepts when responding to good reviews, they will improve the tone of their web presence and company morale. Responding to reviews, positive and negative, are key elements of modern day customer service. Good customer service is good business.