Social Media Best Practices for Small Businesses

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For small businesses embarking on their new social media strategies, it might be useful to impart a little expert knowledge to help them get started. These tips are recommended by our in house Digital Agency, who are responsible for more than 500 social posts and 200 review responses every week.

Plan in Advance

Life, especially when you’re running a business, gets busy, and one of the first things to suffer can be social media. Prevent this from happening by planning a content calendar when you have available time!

By preplanning, you can head-off busy times before they happen. If you’re feeling really ambitious, choose links, articles, and pictures in advance too, so you’re never scrambling for a post at the last minute. Keep in mind time sensitivity of these posts, and ensure they’re being scheduled for the appropriate time and date.

Be Interactive and Get Personal

Personalize review responses to the comments left by the original poster, and don’t hesitate to respond to messages over your social media venue. Some followers may ask specific questions about a product or service, and if you’re present and interactive, you’re showing that you value your customers and what they have to say.

Be Engaging

While social media is a great vehicle to advertise your business with, no one wants to be advertised to 24/7. Give the self-promotion a rest and aim for one advertising post every seven or so updates. The majority of your social content  should consist of useful information, articles and tips for your followers. They can be as relevant to your business as you choose, but don’t spam your followers with every interesting article that you come across.

Advertise a Little

Turn your followers into customers by offering drop in specials and social media only coupons. Send out a message to your followers that they could save money, or receive a free gift, if they mention seeing the post on your Facebook or Twitter page.

The most important practice to employ with your business’ social media is to have fun! Using social media can give your business access to people you wouldn’t have otherwise found. Once they’re following you, give them a reason to stay! Have fun with your posts and see what social media can do for you!

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Leanne Johnson

Leanne is a digital agent on Vendasta's rockstar Digital Agency team. She is the creative behind many social posts, constantly thinking of innovative ways to build business' social presence.