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I’ve been talking about Tavis and the Scrumdogs’ “secret project” for, let’s see…six weeks running now. It was a deliberate strategy to build suspense. Eventually we were going to do a press release and proudly introduce our newest software product. I never figured we’d get scooped by someone else’s blog.

But Greg Sterling over at Screenwerk (with the help of our own Ches Hagen) has done just that:

StepRep Creator Adds Daily Deal Option

SMB reputation management software (StepRep) developer VendAsta has now created a daily deals offering. This makes sense; one could argue that loyalty and new customer acquisition tools are extensions of or complementary to reputation intelligence.

Couldn’t have put it better myself. For those who need a bit more context, here’s a cartoon I drew to explain the “daily deal” or “group buying” concept:

So thanks for the publicity, Greg. We’ll probably still do a press release in a few days to announce our first official partnership – we’ve managed to keep that secret anyway.

(Also, we still need to come up with a name.)