Save up to Two Hours per Week in Concierge

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When managing a local business’ reputation with Concierge, digital agents constantly have to log in and out of multiple platforms to manage listings and reviews. This costs time: you have to have the username and password handy, you need to remember the correct URL to log in to and you have to make sure to close and log out of one account before working on the next. It’s a recipe for disaster.

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We don’t want you to have to manage your passwords on sticky notes plastered around the edge of your screen. We always believed that Concierge should make things easy for you, which is why you can manage all the credentials for all the sites that your local business clients need right in Concierge. No searching for the username and password, no wild Excel lists that have to be kept up to date and in sync. Simply enter the credentials once in Concierge, and they are available at your fingertips in every review and listing task.

This solves only half of the problem though—the digital agents still need to know where to go to enter these credentials. This means you probably kept a list of bookmarks or a document with all the important URLs. And you have to make sure that the list is shared with anyone new coming on board. And that it stays up to date if URLs change.

We asked ourselves how we could make your life easier. How can we streamline the process? What if logging in was as easy as just clicking one button? How much time do you think you could save?

One of our partners has to log in to their customers’ sites almost 300 times a week. If it takes them just 30 seconds to log in at each site, they will spend over two hours just logging in.

master keyWith our brand new Master Key Chrome Extension, you can now start saving time. No more searching for the right URL, and no more forgetting that you were already logged in to someone else’s account. Master Key simplifies all of that. You will find a small “sign in” button next to each credential on review and listing tasks. Click it and you are zipped over to a new incognito window to the right place with the correct credentials. Safe, fast and free.

Give Master Key a try. Start saving time.


Andreas is a program manager who specializes in business analysis and product vision.