VendAsta recently hosted the first meeting of the Saskatoon Testing Discussion Group, which is a natural extension of the internal testing round table discussions that we host for VendAsta staff. As part of VendAsta's commitment to both employee professional development and software quality, the staff has the opportunity  to get together to talk about new technologies and how they impact both the software we develop and our testing efforts.


The first meeting was a great success. Eighteen people came out for a talk on creating the perfect minimalist bug report. The meeting attracted not only testers and developers, but also business analysts of different stripes. Since the meeting, there have been many more responses from people who were not able to attend. Our next event should be even bigger...

We had a great cross selection of people involved in software development in Saskatoon.  Everyone had their own opinion about what made the perfect bug report. If we had included all of the suggestions -- and could convince people to fill in all the sections -- the reports would have been amazing, but taken forever to fill out.  What we came up with was a short set of 5 (it was a minimal bug report after all) sections that we could agree that every bug report should have, and possibly have on the first (or only) page. These sections included: a meaningful title, an expected outcome, the actual outcome, the steps taken to find the bug, and the environment.

Perfect Bug Report

In the end, everyone found that the session challenged their definition of a bug report and they had something to take back with them. The next session will be on Tuesday October 23rd at 12:15pm at VendAsta. Everyone interested in testing is welcome, and we even host a Google Hangout so that others can come even if they can't make it to the location. In the future, we should be able to record the sessions for later viewing. For more information about the next session, please head over to our Vendasta  Google+ page.