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Local SEO reseller: How to resell local SEO to increase revenue (Updated 2022)


A local SEO reseller provides value-added SEO products and services to help small and mid-sized businesses become more discoverable online. In turn, these businesses can reach more local customers and increase their foot traffic and sales.

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What is a local SEO reseller, exactly?

A local SEO reseller is someone who sells either branded or white-label SEO products and services. Already reselling white-label marketing solutions? Already joined other types of reseller partner programs? Consider adding local SEO reseller to your resume and start a new recurring revenue stream.


Local SEO is a valuable addition to any marketing portfolio: At 46 percent, nearly half of Google searches have local search intent (SafariDigital).

Generally speaking, small businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to manage their own local SEO; however, they do recognize it is an important part of successfully operating a small business in the 21st century. Local SEO services are in demand, which guarantees easier selling. The audience is ready and the market is waiting for you to service local businesses with SEO.

How to beat the competition and resell local SEO at scale

By adding local SEO products and services to your roster of offerings, you can better support your clients’ online efforts while increasing your revenue. Help them be found on the first page of Google in the local SEO three-pack.

Most small businesses have been internet ready for at least 10 years, which means they’ve likely had time to secure a domain, set up a website, and establish social media accounts. The thing is…those efforts are no longer enough to outdo competitors who have invested in local SEO services. You can help your clients regain a competitive edge by joining a white label local seo reseller program and providing the services and products they need to succeed online.

Here’s how to get started as a local SEO reseller.

Build a repeatable framework for reselling local SEO

The act of building a framework benefits both you as the local SEO reseller and your prospective clients. The framework will describe logical steps to white label SEO services or resell branded local SEO products to clients.

Once a substantial framework is built, it can be used to scale the process with repetition for other clients. Plus creating a tangible asset that outlines exactly how local SEO resellers can help clients get higher local SEO rankings and get a coveted spot in the local three-pack will make for an easier sales pitch.

Create a local SEO audit

What is a local SEO audit? The reselling game isn’t always easy. Local SEO resellers need to have a plan, an online marketplace of reseller products, a competitive sales team, and something tangible to enable sales. Tudor Stanescu, SEO Manager at Vendasta, recommends having a framework for auditing a website to show a client their whole situation and where an SEO reseller can help.

I would look for things like websites and speed performance. I would look for things like keyword optimization. Are they using keywords in the right places? Do they have keywords in titles and title tags, meta descriptions, and web copy? Do they use any sort of strategic internal linking that's contextual within the body of text in the landing pages? Is the navigation functioning without the need for JavaScript? If you're able to point out these SEO shortcomings, it would really help you sell SEO.

Tudor Stanescu

SEO Manager, Vendasta

A professional local SEO audit shows prospective clients that you possess the knowledge and skill they need to beat the competition. An initial local SEO audit should be performed for new customers as a sales tactic to show prospects what you can do. A regular cadence of audits helps to build trust and fuel the reseller/client relationship with professionalism.

Metrics to focus on:

  • Number of keywords ranking in search
  • Site speed
  • On-page SEO
  • Link signals
  • Behavioral signals
  • Personalization signals
  • Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business)
  • Citation signals
  • Reviews

Resell local SEO to increase revenue

Local SEO resellers can gain and retain clients and boost bottom-line profits. If you’re already a SaaS reseller, adding local SEO to your repertoire just makes sense. They can increase revenue by bundling reseller local SEO products and services with their current offerings.

As a local SEO reseller, you can gain new clients by adding a new in-demand offering to your existing portfolio while simultaneously increasing sales volume to existing clients who may have been seeking local SEO services elsewhere. This would be considered increasing the average “basket size” or number of items sold. For example, if online reputation management products and services are already provided, combine them with local SEO strategies, products, and services such as listing claiming.

There are hundreds of white-label SEO tools to resell. There are tools for automating SEO activities like identifying keyword opportunities for websites or assessing website traffic potential based on industry. There are analytics tools, link-building tools, keyword research tools, and local SEO reporting tools available. The right combination of carefully selected tools can optimize selling potential and contribute to an increase in revenue.

Best local SEO services to provide

Resell SEO for local search to play an important role in online reputation management. There is a strong tie between the two in claiming social profiles, establishing a presence on review sites, and building a content marketing strategy. Listings, review sites, and social profiles need to be updated with the exact same information to have effective SEO and reputation management. Local SEO reseller programs include, but aren't limited to, services like:

  • On-page local SEO
    • Local keyword research
    • Title tags
    • Meta descriptions
    • Site speed maintenance
    • Internal linking
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • Page content
  • Citation (listings) management
  • Custom local SEO reporting
  • Review management


On-page local SEO services: On-page SEO has anything and everything to do with a client’s website. This generally includes local keyword research, and metadata including title tags and meta descriptions. Metadata is used by search engines like Google to crawl a site for information to categorize and rank the site. Site speed is a big factor in SEO. If a page takes longer than three seconds to load, the bounce rate of site visitors increases to 90 percent (WebsiteBuilderExpert). Local prospects will only buy from your client if their website loads quickly.

Internal links guide prospects from page to page across the website in a cohesive journey so that nothing important gets missed. Consumer trends dictate that mobile is highly important to consumer research and ecommerce. The majority of total web visits are mobile at 53.7 percent compared to desktops at 46.3 percent (Oberlo). This means mobile responsiveness and the whole mobile experience with a website need to be better than the competition. Lastly, page content across a website needs to be optimized with keywords for search. Variations of these on-page tactics depending on what level of service local SEO resellers can provide should be managed for clients.

Citation management: Also known as listings management, this can be a basic offer to claim the “Big 4,” which includes Google Business Profile, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. Additional citations can be included for a set price per citation.

Backlinks and citations are the most powerful local SEO ranking factors. Backlinks are links from other domains that point to your site. This goes outside of on-site SEO. Citations are unique references to a location by name, address and phone number on external sites like directories, blogs, and social media. It’s highly important to local SEO that everywhere a business exists online is updated with the correct information. Different mailing addresses, phone numbers, or iterations of a business name on an old Yelp listing can wreak havoc on your client’s SEO. As a local white-label SEO reseller, you can offer services to claim listings, update the information across all claimed listings, and then charge a fee per listing if the client needs any information changed or added later.

Custom local SEO reporting: Local SEO reports that track rankings, keywords, website visits, and sessions (time spent on a page) are a good place to start. These reports should be a part of regular communication with clients. Another use of these reports is to run them on potential client’s online presence. This is a tool that can provide proof that potential clients should be investing in their local SEO.

Review management: Offer tracking services for review activity so clients never miss seeing another posted review. The Vendasta Reputation Management dashboard offers an Executive Report that collects reviews from all connected citations. This tool simplifies review management by compiling all reviews in one place, including mentions of your client’s business and competitor reviews.

Reputation Management Vendasta dashboard

Image source

How to package and resell local SEO to increase profits

When you resell SEO, you’ll need to find a way to upsell and cross-sell the new offerings to your clients. The best way to sell more or increase the average basket size of products sold to existing clients is to package products and services together in bundles. For example, you can bundle reseller local SEO services and online reputation management products because they pair so well. Reputation management services like review responses or social post writing can be added on to local SEO offerings to increase sales.

Get to know your prospects and build trust with them through a solid process with tangible assets to aid your selling.

Gain a competitive advantage

Whether or not you’re already a software reseller, already take part in an established SEO reseller program, or have joined SaaS reseller programs, consider becoming a local SEO reseller as a way to enhance your product offering and increase your revenue with local businesses. In this competitive market, it pays to have a different approach as a local SEO reseller.

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