Redesigned Location Dashboard and Salesperson Information

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Just like the title says, we’ve redesigned some of our pages in Business Center. We’re excited, and you should be too! Why? Because these changes were made solely to make selling easier for our partners. These changes are set to go live in less than a week, so hold your breath.

This redesigned location dashboard gives a thorough breakdown of the business’ profile, and provides salesperson contact information at the bottom.  

Business Center Dashboard

If a customer clicks on a product they have yet to purchase, they will be directed to the new in-product marketing landing pages. When a client views a landing page, the hotness rating in the Sales Tool will increase, indicating to your salesperson that the client is interested. That means, if you’re selling our software and one of your customers indicates interest in a product they have not yet purchased, you’ll be alerted. Since you already know they’re looking for a solution, this is the best time to work on that pitch you’ve been practicing in the shower. 

Yesterday we sent out this video to tell our partners about these changes, and now we’re ready to share it with the world! Or at least our blog subscribers. While the changes in our software are the most exciting part, they are closely rivalled by the on-screen capabilities of two of Vendasta’s finest. We’re thinking about entering the video into some festivals.

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Nykea Marie Behiel

Nykea is the Director of Content at Vendasta, where she heads up our content marketing team and inbound marketing initiatives.