Recently our new partners at Primedia made our white-label Reputation Management platform available to rental property owners who advertise on Apartment Guide.

This is a pretty big deal. Primedia is a colossus, the premier rental listing company in North America, with 61 million visitors to Apartment Guide,, and affiliated sites last year. They also have a print arm which is the largest distributor of free publications in the USA.

Their position as market leader gives Primedia leeway to innovate. No-one has attempted to market reputation management specifically to rental property owners before. Primedia chose to add the "Reputation Monitor" feature to their gold, diamond, and platinum-level digital packages for advertisers. It's only been about a month but they're already reporting a great response.

Here's where VendAsta was a good fit. Having the flexibility to turn off different features and sources for different partners, we tweaked our platform to highlight industry-relevant data for Apartment Guide subscribers. They'll see results from apartment review sites alongside results from non-industry-specific sources like Google, Yahoo Local, and Yelp.

It's becoming clear that there are tons of opportunities to provide reputation management to advertisers within particular industries. We expect to make more deals like this in the coming months.

Meanwhile, kudos to Primedia for the hard work they've put in on the marketing side. They made this nifty video that outlines the benefits of Reputation Management for rental property owners - and, by extension, for all SMBs.