Preparing your Brand for Facebook Graph.

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Facebook Graph introduces a new way to find information about yourself, your friends, and even your friends’ friends. Adding-on to the current search tool, Facebook Graph allows users the ability to dig deep into Facebook’s own database of photos, places, people and even interests.

Example of Facebook Graph results

Let’s make one thing clear, this service will not replace Google or Bing. In fact, Facebook Graph offers a service that neither of the two largest search engines can offer. If you and I were to type: “Friends who have visited New York” into Google, we would probably get the same irrelevant results. However in Graph, we’d both get personalized results based on our social network.

Proper Facebook marketing will become increasingly crucial. For the time being, posting pictures will have a greater result on your Graph SEO than a video or a poll would. Incentives to check-in, like, review and share your brand’s content are what will drive your business to the top of the Graph results page. Gradually you may notice your brand’s Facebook presence outweighing that of other social networks; users may seek their friends opinions instead of checking other review sites such as Yelp or UrbanSpoon.

Hopping on the Facebook Graph bandwagon as soon as possible and optimizing your content to match the search criteria will help springboard your brand to the top of Graph’s results.

Facebook has yet to announce a release date for Graph, but for the time being you can sign up for the beta waiting list here.