One thing I noticed straight away at our new home in Innovation place is how green it is. This philosophy is re-enforced in all areas. The building we are located in, called the Concourse, is a 2 story with innovative design features leading to reduced energy usage and better air quality.  When we were introduced to our new space these philosophies were explained along with some of the green policies here. It is baked right into the economics. When you go to get a coffee or food it is significantly cheaper if you bring your cup or plate. Simple but effective. I like this. It makes me feel good about our new home and it also makes me feel good about our company. As a company VendAsta has decided to do something to help the environment. We plan to embody this deep in our core values and we plan to do something BIG.

Another area we are interested in as a company, one that is in the real estate space, is homelessness. Recently there has been press in Saskatoon about rising housing costs that will lead to increased  homelessness. While there is obvious upside to these price increases for homeowners we recognize the downside and plan to help this cause both locally and abroad.

Lasty, VendAsta plans to always be software compliant.  If you think this one is a no brainer you might be shocked at how some software companies, seemingly legit ones, steal software and cut corners on compliancy. We make software ourselves and we plan to sell it. It would be hypocritical and unethical to create it on software that we have not purchased.