New to Selling Digital? Not an Expert on Social? Don’t Worry and Start Selling

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In our webinar last week, Vendasta’s Blair Anton walked our partners through the strategy of selling digital products when you don’t have prior experience.

A few months ago, we sent our sales team out to sell to our reputation management platform to a few local SMBs in Saskatoon. The goal was to experience what our partners’ sales teams face so we can provide better support.

Blair had just joined Vendasta at the time, and despite his 12 years experience in technology sales, he was new to the world of reputation and social management products. As a result, he was the perfect candidate to participate in the local sales process and share the learning.

What questions would you ask when pitching reputation management?

Probing questions about the business’s current online reputation and social media strategy usually elicit some great answers you can use to build your case.

  1. Are they managing their online reputation?
  2. What are their major pain points?
  3. Where would they like to see their business improve?
  4. Do they have tools to track and monitor their reviews?
  5. Do they have customers giving good feedback in person? (Usually the answer is “Yes”) How do they encourage these customers to give that same review online?

SMBs are often unaware of all the reviews they have online. One such SMB we encountered ran a hair salon and didn’t know that they had 35 reviews online. In 7 those reviews, a staff member had been mentioned by name.

Snapshot can help you uncover all of this information before your first sales call so you can take it with you.

What is a good subject for cold emails?

This will be different for each prospect. Use the Snapshot report to determine some of the biggest pain points the prospect may have — poor visibility, bad or no reviews, poor social media presence, bad mobile user experience, etc. Use that knowledge to draft a relevant subject line that will draw attention.

The email itself should contain an attachment of the Snapshot report so the SMB knows what kind of insights you can provide. This will most likely lead to a more detailed product demo.

How do you increase success with cold calls?

Two things are key to succeeding with cold calls

  1. Knowing the right person to call
  2. Having compelling information about their business so they would talk to you further

Once again, Snapshot takes care of this hurdle for Vendasta’s partners and provides them all the information they need to for a great first impression.