New partners, new people.

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Look, I don’t want to complain, but from a marketing perspective, these last couple months have been kind of frustrating. You see, VendAsta has been doing remarkably well lately. In December and January we signed some extremely big name partners. But, for perfectly valid business reasons, we’ve had to delay talking about these new partnerships.

Just so people don’t think we’ve been completely slacking off, I thought I’d share some metrics that show just how well we’re doing…without identifying any specific partners.

VendAsta is partnered with 4 of the top 10, and 7 of the top 20, newspaper publishing companies (by revenue) in the US and Canada.
Okay, there’s some flexibility in one’s definition of “newspaper publishing company” (what about companies that own newspapers, but get the bulk of their revenues from something altogether different?), and we’ve had to compare revenues across currencies and across different years. But however you slice it, this stat seems to hold up.

Through our partners, VendAsta’s reputation platforms have a sales presence in 20 of the 25 largest metro areas in the US and Canada.
(Measuring population by the alternative definition of “urban agglomeration”, it’s 19 of the top 25.) Okay, anyone can say they have a “sales presence” somewhere, meaning some guy in a stained undershirt who works out of his mom’s basement. But consider the quality of our salesforce…

In 11 of those 20 cities, our partner is the largest-circulation daily newspaper publisher.
Additionally, in 4 of those metro areas our partner is the largest publisher of community newspapers. In the remaining markets, we’re partnered with nationally-affiliated radio stations and TV stations, or the second-largest newspaper publisher.

All the above helps to explain why VendAsta continues to grow. Right now we’re at, um, I think 32 employees? With more set to join in coming weeks. Our most recent arrivals are:

Alan Hunter-Willis, UK-born and Australian-raised, who’ll be bringing his expertise in mobile technologies to our sales team.

Alan is buddies from school with fellow Brisbaner and VendAsta veteran Scott Warren, who wheedled him into a job here so at least one person would understand his accent.

Hang on, mate, shouldn't that barbie have some shrimp on it?

Jason Coutu, who worked full-time as a software tester while simultaneously raising three kids and acquiring his master’s in computer science.

Jason likes to dabble with radio-controlled aircraft, and recently built a “flying pig” with his eldest daughter. He’s joined our Reputation Management group as QA guy.

Awesome but aerodynamically unstable, like its creator.

Dan Merino, who’s originally from Quito, Ecuador, spent his teen years in Michigan, and wound up at the University of Saskatchewan.

Dan has held various software consulting positions around town, and is in the process of completing his master’s. He’s adept with the juggler’s prop called the diabolo, which he occasionally brings out to perform at fundraisers.

This condor has a 10 foot wingspan, making Dan 20 feet tall.