New Arrivals At VendAsta

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We had some great new arrivals this week at VendAsta!  We are proud to announce that Kevin Pierce and Ryan Baldwin have joined the VendAsta Team!  We have all worked with both Ryan and Kevin in the past and know they are going to make fantastic additions to the VendAsta Team.    Ryan can’t wipe the smile from his face, he tells us that this is because he is so happy to be working with us again, but we suspect it might actually have more to do with his escape from Regina ( Ryan is  actually returning to our fair city after a stint in Queen City).

We also have a third arrival – Allan’s new Macbook Air. In Saskatoon, at Vendasta, software developers are encourage to participate in choosing their environment. There are lots of different opinions and views on the Macbook.

Here is a little video of the arrival of Kevin, Ryan and the Macbook.  Oh, and the video has a twist.  If you watch it you will notice the first part is music and video and the second part is the audio track as recorded with the video.  As a viewer you might find it interesting how different the actual words and thoughts behind the music are compared to what you might have thought they would be.

Brendan King

Brendan is resoundingly passionate about all things digital marketing and Vendasta, which is good because he is our CEO.

  • Bob Weaver

    What is the mission of Vendasta. Is it real estate related? I have used Point2agent.? Just wondering.
    Bob Weaver

  • Mike Farmer

    Sounds like you guys are pulling it together. I’ll be glad to find out what “it” is.

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