Marketers, is Digital Keeping You Up at Night?

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Adobe recently conducted a study with 1,000 marketers and discovered that only 9% are sure that their digital marketing is working.

The trouble with measuring success in marketing is that traditionally, you couldn’t apply any concrete revenue-based measures to marketing. For example, you couldn’t attribute a particular sale to a marketing campaign without investing in market research after every campaign.

Digital marketing, with all of its real-time tracking, has also inherited some of those troubles. Take social media for example. You have 10,000 Likes and followers. Great. Your PTAT (people talking about this) is high — good for you! While you can track these numbers in real time, you can’t attribute them to a sale or confidently assign a dollar value to your Twitter followers or PTAT score.

Then there’s the question of strategy. Should you advise your clients to use social media for customer service or for advertising? Can your local small business clients use social media the same way large brands do?

These are questions that still go unanswered for too many marketing campaigns.

At VendAsta, we believe that many of these pains can be alleviated by software designed to measure real-world success and be prescriptive. Consider Reputation Intelligence. This white label tool provides you all the metrics your SMB clients need to optimize for local search and helps you determine key action items.

Read Adobe’s entire study for more insights, but if you’re considering selling white label software, here are some stats that should lead your research for it:

  1. 70% of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50
  2. 82% of marketers are concerned about reaching customers
  3. Only 9% strongly agree that they know their digital marketing is working