Summer in Saskatoon is wonderful thing: great weather, smiling faces, and festivals!

The number one tech festival of the summer is MoSo, Canada's Mobile and Social Media Conference, where nearly 400 people gather from across North America in Saskatoon for great talks, music, eats and tweets. VendAsta was a key sponsor and contributor towards the event with our CEO Brendan King lecturing on Reputation Management and one of our developers Dan Merino hosting an HTML5 Coding Camp.

But VendAsta were not the only ones sharing knowledge; the conference had an array of great speakers from all walks of life and from a wide variety of industries. Some highlights include…

Duncan Stewart from Deloitte.

Duncan spoke about the latest trends on mobile, computing platforms, TV habits, bandwidth limits, ad spending and big data... and all in just 45min!

Take Away: Big data will be critical to branding and reputation management as timeliness in resolutions become more relevant.

Darren from WestJet

WestJet has consistently been a leader in social media (FYI they were one of the first companies to have a social media department in Canada). Darren talked about the WestJet social media strategy and told some great stories of how WestJet has leveraged social media to engage their customers and integrated it into their dispute resolution.

Take Away: People like engaging with real people on social media, not just getting a load of corporate messaging.

Julien Smith, Bestselling Author

Julien is a brilliant keynote whose lecture focused on the intangibles of being successful in business and life. Taking inspiration from unlikely sources like Sun Tzu, Julien encouraged attendees to “be a weapon or be destroyed” and to focus on Blue Ocean Strategy as a way of adaption and reinvention.

Take Away: Go to the party!! It’s better than staying at home and the downsides are the same...

The festival culminated at Lydia's Bar for VendAsta House, where all three floors were packed with awesome music, games, food, and prizes. Downstairs we had pool, ping pong, and foosball all night long (including a "beat the CEO challenge") and prizes galore. It was the perfect way to cap off a top-tier event -- can’t wait for next year!

MoSo SpeakersGroup shot of 2012 MoSo Speakers

Back row: Darren (WestJet), Dan Martell (Clarity.FM), Jonas Woost (CBC), Jasmine Antonick (Beakerhead) Middle row: Brendan King (VendAsta), Karyn Zuidinga (Analytic Design Group), Jennifer Fraser (Macadamian) Front row: Ryan Lejbak, Heather Anne Ritchie (Heather Anne Communications), Saul Colt (Freshbooks), Jackson Wilkinson (Wesprout), Rob Swick (Alphasearch)

VendAsta Cake"Have your cake and tweet it too!" Sweet treat from the VendAsta after party