VendAsta rolls up national reputation results.Rolling up reputation results from locations nationwide.

Last month our partners at LocalBizNOW rolled out VendAsta's newest product to one of their biggest clients - a major brand with over 1400 locations in the United States (whom I unfortunately can't name).

This lucky client is getting a first look at our National Brand Reports, which aggregate reputation data from locations nationwide into a single report that can be broken down by region, city, and individual branches.

This is our venture into brand-level reputation management. Heretofore our audience has been local small and medium businesses, which means our data is organized around locality. As Brendan likes to say, there's a difference between what people think about Nike and what they think about the Nike Store in Santa Clara, California.

Our local focus gives us an edge that the competition can't offer. Other rep man products monitor conversations about the brand: What are people tweeting about Target today? You glean some important insights this way, but their usefulness is usually restricted to the folks in the marketing department down at corporate HQ.

By contrast, National Brand Reports offer instantly useful feedback on what's working and what's failing in the day-to-day operations of the branches. This is done by collecting online reviews, mentions, and social engagement from all the locations into a single report, which can then be zoomed in to examine data of increasing granularity.

Are your midwestern branches consistently trailing the nation in social audience? Why is Metro Detroit bucking the trend? Look at this franchise in Dearborn - it's bringing up the average for the whole metro area. What are they doing right?

It's a whole new way of monitoring conversations about your brand, and we're betting there's a great future in it.

Take a look...

National Brand Reports - Visibility screenshot

We'll start with the report zoomed out to the national level. By clicking on a region...

National Brand Reports - Visibility screenshot

...We zoom into the regional level. Now we click a location...

National Brand Reports - Visibility screenshot

...To see the visibility results for just one location.