Local marketing experts LocalBizNOW join forces with local reputation experts VendAsta.

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We've just finalized what we expect to be a very fruitful partnership. Starting very soon, the online marketing company LocalBizNOW will be including VendAsta's Reputation Management as part of its digital package.

Reputation Management is a perfect fit with LocalBizNOW's existing platform, which delivers tailored advertising messages to people conducting local online searches. The key word, as their name would suggest, is local. Someone looking for a plumber in Oakland isn't interested in results from Omaha, or even from across the bay in San Mateo. Oakland plumbers need to get their name in front of Oakland eyeballs. This seems awfully obvious, but when you consider the amount of time, effort, and money wasted on poorly-targeted web marketing, you realize how valuable LocalBizNOW's local expertise is.

VendAsta's white-label platform complements LocalBizNOW's local emphasis. Other Reputation Management products focus on monitoring conversations about a brand - which is, no doubt, extremely important. But these products aren't so useful at discriminating between comments about KFC and comments about the KFC at the corner of Buford and Clairmont.

VendAsta's Reputation Management solution delivers a regular feed of useful, local market intelligence that businesses can use to customize their marketing, tweak their customer service, or just see how they stack up against competitors. Features include a round-up of recent online comments and reviews, a visibility tool that helps businesses ensure they turn up in local searches, and a social tool that simplifies communicating with customers on Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook.

Although it has many small-business clients, LocalBizNOW specializes in developing locally-targeted marketing solutions for large companies with multiple locations. As it happens, VendAsta is currently working to develop a Reputation Management product with multi-location reporting capabilities. This will provide big companies a "roll up" of the reputation results from each location in a single, detailed master report. Useful comparisons can then be drawn about how different franchises, cities, and regions stack up in their online visibility, reviews, and social network activity. These "multi-location reports" will be available for LocalBizNOW clients later this year.

LocalBizNOW and VendAsta - it's amazing we didn't get together before.