Knotch, the App that Lets You Express Your True Colors

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Continuing with our series about new and interesting tech startups, this month we bring you Knotch, an app that allows people to express their true colors.

Quite literally, that’s what the app does: it lets you rate a topic on a scale of hotness, with bright red representing “hot” or something you really like, and dark blue representing “cold” or something you don’t like at all. Each such rating you provide is called a “Knotch.”

Knotch has a growing community where you can connect with like-minded people based on their “Knotches,” create new topics for rating, or provide ratings on existing topics discussed by others.

Knotch launched the beta version of the app in September 2012, and within a few months, it has experienced much success, with its biggest group of users — males between 24 and 35 years of age — spending over 30 minutes on the app every day. Talk about incredible engagement.


As a social media user with hardly enough time to do all the things I really want to do after work, let alone tell other people about it, I can see the appeal Knotch would have for someone like me — too bad the app is not on Android yet (psst, Knotch, are you listening?). Rather than spend time putting my feelings into words about something, I could just choose dark blue or hot red. I can also attach a comment to explain my rating or just leave it be. Either way, within a few seconds I can let my entire network know whether I love or hate or don’t care about something.

As for businesses interested in managing their online reputations, being in the red zone could be a good thing for a change!

“The power of the sentiment data we are gathering through Knotch is incredible,” says co-founder and CEO, Anda Gansca. “Imagine being able to analyze how the sentiment on a movie is trending in real-time, has evolved over time or how it correlates with the location of users, their age, gender or position in the open graph. All of this is very easy to infer from the Knotch data.”

In other words, what you would get from a sentiment engine after analyzing reams of unstructured data on the Internet, Knotch could potentially provide it in a quantitative format out of the box.

For reputation management platform developers such as VendAsta, this means one more valuable source of information for our platform, which already covers data from a ton of online sources. In the meantime, we’ll have to see how much traction it gets. What do you think — is Knotch hot or not? Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.