Introducing MySaskDeals.

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Our partners at DirectWest have chosen to go the all-lowercase route - they're calling it mysaskdeals - but that strikes me as a little self-effacing. I prefer the assertive peaked shoulders of the uppercase M.

MySaskDeals - let me quote the video - is a great new way to explore your city (assuming your city is Saskatoon or Regina) while saving a ton of money.

The site is powered by VendAsta's Daily Deal Platform 3S, designed for content publishers like DirectWest that want to get into the group buying market without a ton of work. Platform 3S consists of a consumer-facing website, back-end administrative site for salespeople, and ready-to-go marketing materials, all of them easily customizable with your name, logo, and colours. MySaskDeals is the first site to go live, but we've got another partner waiting in the wings, with more sure to follow.

MySaskDeals marks Saskatchewan's introduction to the "group buying" concept that everyone seems to be talking about lately. What is group buying? Well,

  • For consumers it's a way to combine the purchasing power of large groups of people to access deep savings. Businesses are willing to offer unusually steep discounts because they know they're guaranteed a ton of sales.
  • For businesses it's a risk-free way to connect with new customers. There's no upfront cost. And because the deals have a 24-hour time limit, there's a sense of excitement about each new deal. Customers work their phones and computers to rally their friends to buy the deal before it expires. Free advertising, and your customers make the sales for you!
  • For publishers it's a way to expand your brand, reach out to businesses that might not otherwise advertise with you, and add a new and profitable product that basically sells itself. Because it's risk-free and results-based, businesses are thrilled to participate. The experience of other group buying websites shows that upwards of 90% of businesses are pleased with the results of their promotion and would sign up again.

So we're all pretty jazzed about having our first site go live. After six days, with scarcely any promotion, we're just shy of 1200 subscribers. The first deal will probably go up in early October. We'll let you know.


PS. Last week over at Screenwerk, Greg Sterling had a post about MySaskDeals and the burgeoning market for white label group buying sites. Our own Brendan King shared his thoughts in the comments section.

PPS. ...And on the Spokesmonster blog, I described in unnecessary detail the group rotoscoping process we used to animate the MySaskDeals video.