Ideas On Tap: March 28th 2014

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What do these three products have in common: an escalator, a zipper and heroine?

Our last Ideas on Tap was another raving success, and this time we co-hosted with Saskatchewan Professional Marketing Association.

We began the afternoon talks with Craig Zawada from WMCZ with his presentation, “The 10 Minute Guide to a Teeny-Tiny Part of Trade Mark Rules.” Craig discusses the thought process that should go into building and maintaining a trademark — it is a lot more work than you’d think!

And the answer to the above riddle is in Craig’s presentation, so if you want to know what ties heroine and zippers together, you’ll have to watch the video.

Next up, our very own CEO here at VendAsta, Brendan King. We often get asked what it is we do, and it is a little difficult to explain in one sentence. Because of this, we thought we would share our platform with the folks at Ideas On Tap (and now you!).



Lastly was Ideas on Tap’s co-host, Cory Michel from The Marketing Den. Cory gave an informative presentation on “Insights to Campaign Marketing,” where he explains his company’s process of using market research to plan campaigns for their clients.



Stay tuned for April’s Ideas On Tap. Who knows what will be next?