Ideas On Tap February 28, 2014

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Happy International Women's Day!

We celebrated IWD a bit early here at VendAsta and had an exciting line-up of successful entrepreneurs who also happened to be ladies.

First, we started off with Katrina German, the CEO of OneStory. OneStory is a tool for crowdsourcing video interviews to help tell the story of your organization, your cause, your community, your family, and to create engaging material to share through social media. To celebrate IWD, Katrina is campaigning to get #womenintech and #womensday trending on March 8th, and she has partnered with Girls Raising to share the successes of strong women influencing the tech world. Watch her demo to find out more on how to be involved in making this a trend!



Next up was Leanne Zimmer, an actress and stewardess for WestJet airlines. She gives an interesting perspective on how WestJet is using it's humour, loyalty, and great customer service to market their airline.



Last was salsa dancer/instructor, Kimberly Parent - CEO of Saskatoon Salsa. In this presentation, Kimberly talks about the beginnings, adventures and future plans of her business - Saskatoon Salsa. Saskatoon Salsa offers affordable dance lessons for adults and children. They are dedicated to providing students with an energetic and inclusive atmosphere and believe that learning to dance should be fun, not stressful! She even taught us a couple moves at the end of her demo!



Happy International Women's Day!


  • So nice to have these videos, for those of us who couldn’t make it last week. Thanks!

    • Nykea Behiel

      Thanks for watching! The next one is March 28 — hope you can make it out!