How do You Respond to Comments on Your Social Network?

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Back in 2009, the US Air Force published a guide on responding to posts made about the institution. Despite the idea being over four years old, that workflow is still quite relevant. If you provide social marketing to small businesses and haven’t seen this yet, it is worth a look.

Here’s a quick run-down of the process:

  1. It consists of three parts: Discover, Evaluate, and Respond. Nothing too complicated there.
  2. A positive post should be checked to see if it’s factual and well-cited regardless of whether it agrees or disagrees with the original post. If so, the officer can choose to let it stand without any response or concur with it.
  3. Negative posts that seem to be made by trolls, rants or satirical in nature should be left alone and reported to headquarters.
  4. Negative posts that are misguided but genuine should be responded to with correct information.
  5. Legitimate issues raised by unhappy customers should be fixed and addressed in the reply.

In all situations, officers are required to maintain transparency, provide useful reference information and write well-written posts with the right tone.

This flowchart may have to be modified depending on individual brands and company cultures, but it is a great starting point. Click the image below for the complete workflow:

Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment