It’s been awhile since we last posted, and for this I feel great shame. (A tech company that hasn’t blogged in over a month! Blasphemy!) We’ve just been super busy making improvements to both our Reputation Management and Daily Deal platforms, which I think is a fairly good excuse.  The reputation management and daily deal industries are booming and we’ve got new features being added every week...and tons more to come!

I asked around for some blog ideas and got this great advice: “Just write about how good we are.”

For some reason this quote came to mind: Hey everyone, come and see how good I look!

Unlike Ron Burgundy, we're not much for bragging, so instead we’ll just let the facts speak for themselves:

  • The daily number of reputation management accounts is growing every day as over 3,000 sales people in cities across North America are selling to over 15 million SMB’s.
  • ZipLocal, Heart Media Services, and Immersifind are just a few examples of the over 20 partners using our reputation management product.

And our Daily Deal platform is also growing:

  • Our first partner launched in September 2010, and now there are 11 companies using our platform.
  • These partners are offering deals in over 25 markets.

A few examples of our launched partners:

  • Direct West, a SaskTel Company in Saskatchewan -
  • Maine Today Media in Maine -
  • Times Leader (NEPA Deals) in Pennsylvania  -
  • Comporium Publishing (MakeItLocal Deals) in South Carolina -
  • Summit Publication (LocalDeals) in Missouri and Kansas -
  • Community Connection Yellow Pages in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine -
  • Flocking Good Deals in New Zealand -

If you’re in any of these areas, be sure to check them out for some great local deals!

And also keep checking back to this blog as more posts will be coming soon with great info on reputation management, the daily deal industry, and all of the great stuff we’ve got going on at VendAsta!