Hello, world! VendAsta’s Got a New Site

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Take a deep breath.

What’s that amazing smell, you ask? It’s the fresh scent of VendAsta’s new website. Thanks to a rockstar designer, an OCD copywriter, and a crack team of developers, we’ve finally traded-in our generic WordPress pages for something sleeker and easier to navigate. But we’re more than good looks, you know — we spruced up our content, too.

So what’s new? You’ll immediately notice a much stronger emphasis on VendAsta’s strategy to help local businesses montior, manage, and build their online reputations. We’re constantly focused on this strategy when designing our products, and with more tools than ever, we wanted to reinforce the idea that we offer a complete Reputation Management platform that anyone – no matter the size of their salesforce – can offer to SMBs.

What else is new? Under the hood, this puppy is now running on Google App Engine. “Isn’t that a little over-kill?” you may ask, “like using a robotic¬†flame-thrower to roast a marshmallow?” Yes. Yes, it is. But it’s awesome, so we’re doing it anyway.

If you’ve been following VendAsta over the past four years, you’ll know that we’ve come pretty far. Just look at the transformation, all the way from our single “VendAsta is hiring…” page to the robust site that you’re seeing today.¬†Here’s to the next four years and beyond!