Google’s First Step to Weed Out Shady Reputation Management

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For the first time, Google has explicitly addressed the issue of shady reputation management. From now on, any website that appears to have a scandal or negative publicity someone is trying to bury under a deluge of positive articles will be penalized by Google.

Slide over to 3:46 on this video’s timeline to see what I mean:

To me, this signals two things:

  1. Reputation management is catching on as a service and more people are now becoming aware of it—enough for Google to consider it in its link spam workflow

  2. Ethical reputation management companies should utilize this awareness to expand their client base

Ethical Reputation Management?

We just call it online reputation management, but it is an ethical way of doing things to optimize a business’s online presence for local customers, and using social media for customer service and lead generation.

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