Google Plus: Half Blog Half Social Platform. How and Why to Use It

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Why should you encourage your clients to use Google Plus? Because it’s a great and extremely diverse social platform! I know, it’s not the Facebook competitor people touted it would be, but although users spend less time on Google Plus than the behemoth social network, Google Plus has more to offer than what is at its surface. On average, top brands have collected 90% as many fans on Google Plus as on Twitter (Forbes), and many brands receive nearly as much engagement per follower on Plus as they do on Facebook.

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Regardless of how much of an impact others have found with Google Plus, it’s important to have your clients test and iterate. Here are some tips to get started making Google Plus the go-to social network for your clients.

Learn it

Google Plus is a social network that’s very different from any other— it’s half blog and half social platform. It’s also populated by a more professional audience than others like Facebook or Twitter. Everything posted on Google Plus receives a unique, and permanent, URL, making content more easily sharable and searchable.

Use it

As mentioned, Google Plus has a more professional demographic that requires a different tone than other social platforms. Typical G+ users are more interested in open communication and discussion of ideas than with blatant marketing.

The timing of G+ post changes too, based on the demographic of its users. The peak times for posting and engagement are between 9 and 11 am on weekdays (Coschedule). Of course, if you’re posting across multiple time zones, deciding when to schedule your post can be an issue. Approximately 80% of the U.S. population is in ET and CT, so you can schedule accordingly to reach the largest audience. If posts are made later in the day, or even after work hours, they typically see less engagement as most professionals are no longer working for the day.

Engage in it

Your clients should be using Google’s communities to their advantage. These groups of people, often self-made, are the perfect place to find new contacts and customers. These communities often come pre-populated for you with your target demographic!

Communities give users a built-in network of business owners like themselves, or people who are already interested in what your clients have to offer!

Visualize it

One huge advantage of G+ is how easy it is to include visuals—photos, coupons or anything else! Pictures grab the attention of customers, which can help draw in more people to the page. And of course, more people on a page equals more people exposed to the business or product.

Cross Post it

Posting something to Facebook or Twitter? Post it to G+ too! The more people exposed to any post, no matter where they see it, the better. Twitter, with its short character count, can act as a “teaser trailer” to a longer post on G+. Make your social profiles work for your clients. Using a social media schedule that allows you to post to multiple social channels at once is ideal for saving time. Our Social Marketing software allows you to post to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus from one dashboard, seeing the preview for each on the side so it’s easy to curate content accordingly.

Blog it

Treating a G+ page as a dedicated blog is a great way to ensure your clients are getting the most from the network. It’s the perfect place for those long form post ideas. Create a post calendar with topic ideas to save writer’s block on post day.
All in all, there are many ways to use Google Plus. It’s a highly underrated social networking platform. Ensure your clients benefit from it with these tips. 


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