Google+ Local: Updates and Prep Steps

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There's a great post over at Location3 talking about Google's latest round of updates for Google+ Local. In a nutshell, it makes some important ranking observations (how Zagat scores, +1s, Google+ profile activity, etc. could impact searches) and covers a list of current bugs. There's also a good shot of what's coming up when Google+ Local and local Google+ pages are merged -- take a look:

Google+ Local Updates

The upcoming posting functionality should have local business owners and reputation management people chomping at the bit. With Google+ Local page content/activity likely playing a much bigger role in presence management and page rank in the future, this will be a big tool in SMBs' digital toolboxes.

So what's next? Location3 does another dynamite job summing up some next steps for the rest of the Google+ Local transition. Read through their chart and see how well you're prepared in the grand scheme of things.

Original post here: Google+ Local Round 2