New Google+ Local Phone Support Helps Businesses Verify Locations

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Anyone who’s tried contacting Google before knows that it can be difficult.  At times they seem like a stone fortress — a Willy Wonka-ish factory where “nobody ever goes in and nobody ever comes out”, populated by mysterious workers who are both responsible for the wonderful magic and unreachable at the same time.

Google Phone Support

Beginning this week, however, Google now offers phone support for local businesses having issues verifying their Google+ Local accounts.

So if you have trouble claiming your account the old fashion way (via postcard), you’ll be able to talk to an Oompa Loomp– err, Google employee — starting immediately.


In order to contact support, users must click: “I’m having a problem verifying my listing(s)” and confirm that they haven’t received their postcard within fifteen days of requesting it. Currently, phone support is available only within the United States.

It’s a smart move. Small businesses aren’t always the most techsavvy or time-free people on the planet, and helping them troubleshoot the process will ultimately help build a stronger Google+ Local ecosystem.

Verification is an important step that has needed extra support for a while, and we’re glad to see that Google’s doing something about it — after all, it shouldn’t take finding a golden ticket to get access to your own online business listing, should it?