The average Google search engine user takes a number of the results they see for granted. They assume Google+ is just another Google bid to compete with Facebook, and don’t realize how much value it adds to their search results. But for both businesses and consumers, the value can be enormous. The Google+ platform has gone through a number of iterations in the past few years with the search giant seeking to find the one account to rule them all! Now their consolidation is complete, and it is easier than ever to “Google My Business.” Well, not my business, but you and your clients’ businesses. And Vendasta is here to help all along the way.

Google+ has a (relatively) new dashboard, that brings together Search, Maps, Google+ Business Places, Insights, Reviews, Hangouts and even Analytics and AdWords into a single clean interface.

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Why do your clients need a presence on Google+? The simple answer is that Google loves Google. They promote their own organic and interactive search results to be higher in Google results. Or in the case of most Google+ information — right at the top of your search results!
You need to ensure that your client’s information is correct on Google+ and beyond.

With their search for mastery over the search engine world, Google now has 75% of the search engine share, though according to Business Insider, this could drop more in the coming years. So what is better than Google? Bringing Google together with everything else! This is where Vendasta can help. Vendasta allows for integration with every aspect of how Google promotes a business to the world. From one platform you can push out information to many of the services that Google offers, as well as the other major social and listing sites, all at the same time.

We allow you to build an audience and connect with them by responding to reviews, and managing all your social posting from a single dashboard.


Many of the top factors negatively affecting a businesses search results in 2014 involved incorrect or missing listing NAP (name, address, phone number) data. Vendasta can help you ensure your NAP data is accurate on Google+ and across the board.

Regardless of their attempts at simplification, it can sometimes be difficult to keep straight what each Google service does for you and where its information appears to the public. If you don’t have time to sort through all of the information, Vendasta has a digital agency that is available to do the work of getting Google+ set up for your business clients, posting relevant information to their followers on your behalf, and responding to reviews in cognito. Vendasta can be a Manager for a business’ Google reputation, allowing them to get the most out of their Google+ account.
However you do it, make the most of Google+ by ensuring information is accurate and up to date, and actively engaging followers through your posts and reviews.