At the end of July, VendAsta bid adieu to Janak Kapadia. Janak worked with Brendan and company back in their Point2 days and joined VendAsta not long after its founding in 2008. He was the senior member of the team known originally as Scrum3, renamed (in honour of his Mumbai roots) the Scrumdog Millionaires.

(With Janak's departure, the Scrumdogs have dwindled to just Nathan R. and Nathan P., and have been informally renamed The Nathans. All future additions to the team must be named Nathan.)

Janak is a city boy. Ever since he came to Saskatchewan he's been aiming to relocate to somewhere a bit more bustling. Hopefully a stint in Vancouver will soothe his megalopolitan homesickness. (The climate is a shade more congenial, too.)

Janak "Go-Kart" Kapadia

Janak in a Go-Kart, 2008.

Janak Kapadia, 2011.

Janak's going-away party, 2011.

Janak's final day coincided with our first look at the office space we'll soon be occupying in downtown Saskatoon. We spent that afternoon poking around the top floor of the Avenue Building on 21st Street, where our contractors have since begun erecting the walls of VendAsta's future headquarters. Marie-Louise took some photos of the space in its undivided state.

New VendAsta office

New VendAsta office

New VendAsta office

New VendAsta office

We're moving under duress. We were content to stay put in our current digs behind the flour factory on 33rd Street, but our building was sold out from under us. Downtown should be fun, though. Too bad Janak couldn't move with us. He'd have been right down the street from his favourite restaurant, Asian Taste. (An inside joke.)

We'll be moved in by the end of September. On Allan's personal blog there's more on VendAsta's historic new home.