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Social Marketing is a full time job for one business, let alone when you have multiple clients. Whether you are using the Social Marketing product on behalf of your clients, or your clients are using it on their own, we want to be able to help you out with a few pointers.

Overview Page

The overview page of the Social Marketing product gives users a quick peek into what is going on, and what needs to get done when it comes to their social media pages. In the example below, immediately we are able to tell that nine customers have interacted with our client’s social media pages, and there are many potential leads that can be contacted and converted to customers.


For a quick view into what a customer said, you can click their profile picture from the overview page, and view the comment and their social profile. You can also easily respond directly from the product rather than logging into social accounts.

SM-potential lead

The overview page also provides insight into the growth of your client’s social media pages. This information is useful for you to be able to judge what’s working and what’s not in regards to your client’s social media efforts.


Respond to Customers

Respond to Customers is where users can interact with their customers on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. No more logging into each social media page to see your notifications — just respond to everyone from one central hub. If a customer is investing their time into a conversation with your client online, being able to respond to them in a timely manner is essential for customer service and creating a positive user experience. Sometimes those quick acknowledgements are all that is needed for a customer to go from a follower to your client’s number one fan.

Attract Customers

From groceries,


to being lazy,


to crazy st. Patrick’s day experiences…


People tweet about absolutely everything. Social media is usually the first place people go to tell the world, well, anything.

So when someone tweets that they are already intending to purchase the product or service that your client offers, then why not give them a nudge in the right direction?

Sm-recent leads

This is also a great way to send coupons that your client has created. You can create these coupons in Presence Builder’s Location Page, and link them into your responses. Sending these coupons will make these future customers feel special, and is a great way to build a loyal customer base.


There are some clients you just love to post on behalf of. And, of course, there are client’s you fear social posting for. For either one, our Content section is awesome! No more posting the same thing over and over. Here you are able to find, and easily re-publish, interesting and relevant information on your client’s page. If the average time spent scrolling through Facebook per visit is only 20 minutes, you want to attract people with interesting content.

Varying the kind of content you post can greatly increase engagement. Some types of posts our own digital agency has found effective are:

  • – Quotes – whether humorous, inspirational or motivational
  • – Fill in the blank posts – “If I won this vehicle today, I would go ________.”
  • – Polls – asking people to choose between two things.
  • – Candid, behind the scenes photos
  • – New, relevant industry statistics
  • – Questions to encourage people to share personal experiences or opinions
  • – Links to guest posts
  • – Infographics
  • – Photos, even if they are not directly related to your business

Notice how we haven’t talked about posting advertisements for your business yet? That’s because people do not want to follow a business that repeats the same information over and over, or is basically a commercial. Viewers enjoy seeing relevant material that speaks to them. Your posts should show viewers the feeling behind your brand, and not constantly bombard them with the brand itself.

Composing Posts

First, let’s talk about the platforms you can use. The Social Marketing product can post to one platform at a time, several, or all at once.

If you have a longer post, or the post has some visuals, links or promotions, Facebook is a great platform to use. To increase SEO (search engine optimization), it’s a good idea to post to Google+ as well. You can post insights, thoughts, visuals, videos and so much more on Google+. Short thoughts, quotes,and jokes are posts that thrive on Twitter. It’s also great to adjust a post for a preview on Twitter, and then encourage your viewers to view more of the post on your blog, Facebook, or Google+ page. This will encourage more likes and views on each page.

Post scheduling can also be a tricky thing to navigate. Each industry is different, so be sure to test and iterate to find the best times for your client’s industry and demographic. The Social Marketing product can help you time out your posts, and also help you organize your client’s schedule. Schedule your client’s post ahead of time to make sure to hit those important holidays.


You can also keep your past and future posts in an organized schedule within the Social Marketing product.

In this ever changing social world, the Social Marketing product eases the pressure of social media management, and allows for you, or your clients, to spend less time in the online social world, and still have the same great outcomes.


Nykea Marie Behiel

Nykea is the Director of Content at Vendasta, where she heads up our content marketing team and inbound marketing initiatives.