On Friday afternoon, Allan sketched this on the whiteboard in my office.

[/caption]"Okay, what is it?" I asked.

"It's one of those posters with tear-off strips," he explained. "The strips have a little picture of a chicken. Get it? Free chicken strips."

Free chicken strips!This stroke of genius was devised to promote VendAsta's new iPad For Developer deal. We're giving away an iPad to anyone who sends a new employee our way.

And where do you put up posters if you want them to be seen by developers?

Saskatoon BarCamp 2010, that's where.

BarCamp was on Saturday at Louis' Pub. Three VendAsta people gave presentations.

  • Tavis McPherson gave a five-minute "lightning talk" about MySaskDeals, the group-buying platform we developed with DirectWest.
  • Jordan Boesch gave a fairly technical demonstration on JavaScript templating, diving into the jQuery Tmpl plugin, created by a team at Microsoft, which was recently announced as an officially supported plugin of jQuery.
  • Dave Mosher discussed Minecraft and its impact on the independent gaming community. Topics included how best to get out of your mineshaft, how to avoid ending up a flaming crater of fleshy bits, and what the landscape of independent game development will look like in coming years.

Dave discusses Minecraft. (Photo by Travis Forsyth.)Allan's chicken strips flew off the walls, but they created some confusion - apparently a few people thought they could be exchanged for actual (that is to say, edible) chicken strips at the bar.

We're sorry to have dashed people's hopes that way. However, those thwarted in their expectation of free food can always salve their disappointment by trading us a developer for an iPad...

Ryan and Tavis lookin' suave under the bright lights of BarCamp.

Go to http://goo.gl/EZwD

See you at BarCamp 2011!