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[Infographic] 115 Must-Know Facts about Social Media

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Let’s be honest, it has become hard to imagine a world without social media. Whatever we may think of the popular social media websites, their influence on our daily lives is undeniable. Nowadays, social media plays such a huge part in virtually every aspect of our existence. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn have completely revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, access information, study, look for employment, shop and even vote.

There’s hardly any facet of our daily life that hasn’t been, in one way or another, impacted by social media. Regardless of age, gender or creed, people all over the world use social media websites on a regular basis. Did you know that there are currently over one billion people who are active on Facebook? When one seventh of the world’s population uses the same social media platform to connect and share content, it’s hard to overstate social media’s global impact.

What’s even more mind-blowing than the sheer number of social media users is the fact that all major social media websites are only a little over a decade old! The largest professional social network, LinkedIn, was founded in 2002. Social media giant, Facebook, was first launched in 2004. YouTube became active in 2005. Microblogging site, Twitter, was born in 2006, and uber-popular photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, was launched in 2010. All of these, and many other social media websites, including Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Plus +, Reddit, and Flickr, are growing their user base at such a fast rate that the number of social media users worldwide is expected to exceed 2.5 billion by 2018 (Statista).

One major popular assumption still holds true: Facebook reigns supreme. As of late 2016, there are 1.79 billion active users on Facebook, and the number keeps growing. Did you know that five new Facebook profiles are created every second? Between 2015 and 2016, Facebook increased its user base by a whopping 16%, which is more than any other social media platform (Facebook). The social media giant recently saw a substantial increase in the number of its daily mobile users via app, increasing 22% year-over-year (Facebook).

Facebook-owned Instagram comes in second place for total number of active users. Over 400 million people use the photo and video-sharing site on the daily. News and social media service Twitter boasts more than 320 million users, while the user bases of LinkedIn and Pinterest number over 100 million. As far as market capitalization goes, Facebook is the indisputable leader. As of 2015, the company is worth over $350 billion (CNN). In comparison, LinkedIn has a market cap of over $15 billion and Twitter is worth more than $11 billion (Statista).

Just in case you’re still not convinced that social media is bigger than you could have ever imagined, take a look at the super-detailed infographic below to learn 115 interesting facts about this global phenomenon.


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