Facebook’s Latest Graph Update is Very Important for Local Businesses

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The latest update to Facebook’s graph search allows people to search for posts or comments around a certain subject.

Imagine you sell marketing software to small businesses and one of your clients is a local moving company. If someone searches for “Posts about moving companies by my friends” on Facebook, do you know what this search will return? Do you know if your client will be mentioned in it or if it will be a positive post?

If your clients aren’t on top of their social media game, it is even more important now that you help them. Customer service is especially important because every complaint made on Facebook takes away from a brand’s credibility. Successfully addressing that complaint will ensure that other people who discover it also see its resolution.

Social networks and search engines are getting increasingly sophisticated in providing meaningful data to their members. Google has already started something similar with its Knowledge Graph and recent Hummingbird update, and Twitter already allows you to search for tweets.

Ethical online reputation management has never been more important.