Facebook Unveils Two New APIs for Trending Data—But it’s Not for Everyone

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Facebook recently announced two new APIs that will allow its partners to see surfacing conversations around a given topic. Justin Osofsky, VP, Media Partnerships and Online Operations at Facebook says:

Now every week during the ‘What’s Trending’ segment of The Today Show, NBC can easily include how many people on Facebook talked about a popular subject, where it’s getting the most buzz, whether it’s most popular among males or females, and with which age groups.

Unfortunately, not everyone will have access to these APIs. These are limited to a small list of partners and will be rolled out eventually to additional partners.

Of course, VendAsta’s partners can already offer their small business clients quite a bit of data such as the sentiment that is trending in their reviews over the web, type of mentions received online, the client’s online share of voice vs their competition, and possible real-time leads on social media.

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