Today's the big day!

The MySaskDeals website, which we built in partnership with local yellow page publisher DirectWest, has been "live" for a couple weeks already. But until today the only thing visitors could do was enter their email addresses to subscribe to upcoming deals.

As of this morning, the website is really and truly live. The first deals are up and we're all pretty jazzed about it...especially the movie-goers and pants-wearers among us.

Customers from Regina can get half-price movie tickets at Rainbow Cinemas:

And customers from Saskatoon can have two skirts or pairs of pants dry-cleaned for the price of one, courtesy of Arthur Rose:

Remember, the deal is only in effect for 24 hours. So buy it before it expires at midnight. Tomorrow or next week or next month, when you find yourself itching to see the new Harry Potter movie, or finally get that old gravy stain out of your twill trousers, you'll be thanking yourself.

PS. Right now a couple VendAsta guys are down in Denver for the mid-year conference of the Association of Directory Publishers. I expect Tavis and Ches are bragging to everyone about this hot new group buying platform we built. This morning Tavis took some time off from his bragging to email us this helpful reminder:

Don't forget you can easily gift the deal by filling in your friend's name (as recipient) and putting their email in the form! Maybe you know someone who wears pants...what could be a better gift than two clean pairs of pants?