If you're reading this, you're in luck. You're getting early access to our new Agency Survival Guide. This wasn't supposed to be published today, but our content team worked through the night to get it done. And since we run the blog, we're going rogue to share it with our readers first.

We can't go into too much detail about itwe'll save that for the official launch—but you can expect some brand new agency insights that'll give you the knowledge to thrive out there in the wild—aka, the local business market.

What you'll get out of the Agency Survival Guide:

  • The monumental shift of 2016: digital SMB spend has finally trumped traditional.
  • Get ready for the rise of the digital agency. 71% are less than five years old. Learn. Compete. Kill.
  • Advertising is dying. Marketing is taking over. Marketing will supersede advertising by $400B.
  • Local businesses are getting smarter about marketing. The products they're buying will surprise you.
  • There are smarter, easier ways to sell to local businesses. Data to prove it inside.

Arm yourself with knowledge. Whether you know you're in danger or not, this guide to local marketing, just might save your agency.