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The Top 4 Instagram Trends for 2016

If you were given the choice to have your social media page filled with a variety of news feed items (status updates, video links, app activity, images, news), or to be connected to the world with only images, which one would you choose? If you...

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Best Times to Post on Social Media

When are the best times to post on social media you ask? Well when the people you want to view the content are on that network, of course. Easy right? That’s what I thought too, at first. After social posting for hundreds of businesses through...

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Where do Local Listings Come From?

Many business owners are at a loss when a frustrated customer comes to them with complaints about the accuracy of the business’ online data. The business may be completely unaware of the listing site in question. The only option they are left with...

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We live in a data driven world.  More than 90% of CMOs say that they are under more pressure to deliver measurable ROI (AdAge). And if your CMO is feeling the heat, you can bet your marketing team is as well—81% of marketers would increase spending...

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9 Ways to Get More Reviews

At this point it shouldn’t come as a shock that companies need online reviews. Nearly all companies need to get more reviews. In fact, consumers now consider online search equally or more important than family and friends as an information source...

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Dominate Google’s Snack Pack

Help your local business clients dominate Google's Snack Pack and move up in search engine rank. A heads up... (2016/03/24) This post has been updated for 2016, so head over to our brand new Snack Pack blog post for 2016 - top 8 methods to Dominate...

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The Age Old Debate: Long Blog vs Short Blog

You’re ready to start a business blog, but are caught in the eternal argument of long vs. short posts. Which camp is right, which is wrong, and where should you start? We’re here to help. Quick and Dirty - Short Posts If the goal of your new blog...

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Be a Pro, Post to LinkedIn

Many local businesses focus their time and money on Facebook and Twitter to build awareness, encourage engagement and increase conversions. But what about LinkedIn? Well, you’d be surprised to find that only 57% of companies are using company pages...

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4 Tips To Boost Open Rates

It goes without saying: your agency’s newsletter is one of your most important communication pieces. After all, it’s loaded with the things that matter to your clients. Obviously, then, your priority should be to get people to open it. But you’ve...

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