Deck the Halls with Brand New Posters

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Remember in The Empire Strikes Back when the rebels are stationed on a frozen planet and it's so cold that Luke has to sleep inside a tauntaun's stomach to stay alive? That's sort of what Saskatchewan is like right now. Except even colder.

But have no fear! We might be icier than a wampa cave on Hoth, but our spirits are still warm and tingly. Not only have we decked the office with Christmas cheer, but we've just received some brand new posters for our lobby. These posters proudly highlight VendAsta's mission, vision, and values for everyone -- employees and visitors alike -- to see when they stride through the front doors.

VendAsta Mission Vision Values

If you happen to find yourself in sub-zero Saskatoon sometime this winter, stop in at the office on a Friday afternoon between 3 and 5pm. Friday is demo day where we all come together to drink some beer, show off our personal projects, and kick back with like-minded Jedi. If we don't see you before Christmas, have a happy holiday from everyone at VendAsta!