Introducing the Conquer Local Podcast with George Leith

Selling digital to local businesses is not easy. Prospecting is a chore, educating local businesses on the value of digital is still an uphill battle, and scaling your business can seem like a complex math equation.

At Vendasta we understand these challenges, and we’ve launched the Conquer Local podcast to help you learn exactly how to more effectively sell digital solutions to local businesses.

Hosted by our very own Chief Revenue Officer and road warrior, George Leith, you’ll be both enlightened and motivated by his straight-shooting, no BS approach to helping SMBs. Listen in as George and his guests discuss unique strategies and tactics for truly helping local businesses survive and thrive.

The podcast will feature the following and much more:

  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Stories from the SMB trenches
  • Fireside chats and data-backed case studies hot off the press
  • Exciting new ideas to improve your digital revenue dramatically
  • Effective ways to sell to local businesses
  • Safe, fast ways to scale
  • How to discover new revenue streams you’ve never heard of

George brings a wealth of sales, digital marketing, and local business expertise to the table. He’s known internationally as the sales leader businesses desperately need, and his ability to transfer knowledge through provocative presentations is unparalleled.

Here’s what people are saying about George’s presentations:

“I had the pleasure of attending a seminar put on by George. The information was relevant and concise. He was able to engage his audience and offered a ton of great advice and information! I highly recommend taking advantage of any speaking opportunity George and the Vendasta family offers.”


“Have been to many seminars and left wondering how to get the last 3 hours of my life back. Not this time. George was fantastic and provided useful and practical information that I was able to implement immediately to help my business. Thanks, George!”


Get started right now by listening to the inaugural Conquer Local episode here: Adapt or Die - Selling Digital Media in 2018

If you like what you hear, subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Google Play to never miss an episode.

About the Author

Patrick Liddy 'Kermit the Frog typewriter GIF's about digital marketing as a Content Strategist for Vendasta from his home in Portland, Maine. Prior to Vendasta, he earned his Master’s Degree in Public Policy & Management and was a Marketing Specialist at a digital marketing agency in Maine.

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