Connecting Local Businesses to Partners

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It’s no secret that online reputation and social media management have become a piping hot topic with small and medium businesses. So much so that we frequently have local businesses contacting us desperate for an immediate solution. And as much as we would like to directly provide a helping hand, Vendasta’s platform was built from the ground up for agencies to white label and resell. This leaves us in an interesting position: what are the next steps we should take to save these businesses?

Case Study: Slater Strategies

Our strategy starts with partner referrals. In particular, referring the local businesses to our partners. A perfect example of this comes from one of our latest partners, Mitchell Slater from Slater Strategies. Mitchell’s agency contacted us a couple months ago, interested in our white label solution he could provide to his new and existing clients. After discovering exactly what we offer, Mitchell was interested to see how easy everything would be to sell. We set him up with a 14 day trial account of the complete agency platform.
Almost simultaneously, a small business contacted us at Vendasta looking for a DIY reputation management tool for his four small businesses. Their team was in crisis management mode; after spending  bundles of cash on unresponsive, unreliable “Do-it-For-Me” solutions, they were ready to take things into their own hands. Of course we informed them that our platform works best for agencies, however, it was just a matter of connecting them with Mitchell!
We coached Mitchell through the selling process, even going as far as performing a live demo via the Slater Strategies branded account. Long story short, Mitchell ended up signing a new client, and they both couldn’t be happier. Mitchell in particular is excited that he has a partner from abroad; being based out of Alaska, he never imagined he would have an opportunity like this. Needless to say, we welcomed Mitchell as a new Vendasta partner shortly after!

Business? Agency? New Vendasta Partner?

Regardless of which bucket you fall into, Vendasta can deliver. In addition to partnering with new agencies, media companies and marketing teams, we connect and build relationships between our partners and local businesses looking for help with this complex digital world. Help is on the way, and it all starts with contacting us.

Rylan Morris

Rylan is an account manager at Vendasta, where he ensures the success and further progress of our partners.